Oak barrel aged sour beer

Floridus 7.7 %

Brewed with a blend of wild yeast & bacteria and our house saison strain. Aged for year in three different types of oak barrels before being blended to taste. This sour, red beer gets its wine-like fruitiness from oloroso sherry barrels, it's spicyness from akvavit barrels and light vanilla flavors from american bourbon barrels. Floridus' long aging and slow souring process adds heaps of complexity and produces a great beer, to be enjoyed in the good company of friends.

Beer style

flanders red

Bottle size

0.375 l




water, malted BARLEY, WHEAT, hops, yeast

Good to know

  • vegaani




Food pairing

Fresh acidity and wine-like nuances make this beer excellent for food-pairing. Floridus works really well with seafood, where acidity and light spiciness support salty sefood flavors. If the food needs acidity, for example, from citrus, choose this beer as a drink and get the acidity at the same time. Try Floridus with cooking too, for example, in a Moules Frites mussel broth. On the other hand, this beer is also suitable for steaks (like a good wine!). Malty flavors, great aromas from long fermentation and a fresh acidity compliments the flavors of a medium steak. Fatty food loves Flanders red. The acidity of the beer brightens the palate after every sip. Great also with goat cheese, omelettes or Egg’s Benedict. A brilliant brunch beer!




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