Story of our Craft brewery

We started from suburbs of Vantaa

Fiskarsin Panimo brewery was established 2011 in Rekola – Vantaa, Southern Finland. First two years we brewed our craft ales and lagers in Mäntsälä creating beers like spruce tip ale – Metsän Henki and Munkintie – Belgium style dark, sweet dubbel. In 2014 we expanded to bigger premises in the tiny village of Fiskars in Southern Finland.

Jari ja Simon ihmettelee tynnyrikypsytettyä olutta

Artisanal beers from pure and clean Finnish nature

Brewing in Fiskars Village

Our roots are still in Rekola – Vantaa but the tree has grown in a different direction. We are now very excited to brew and create new beers in the small, picturesque Fiskars Village. Easy living in a 600 habitant village; nearby to clean and beatiful nature from which we get our inspiration and raw ingredients for our craft beers. An excellent example of local ingredients is our Kaksi Kotia Vailla Humalaa – wild herb gruit, no hops at all! All the wild herbs are foraged from nearby forests and used to season and sour this beer.

With our new Head Brewer, Simon McCabe, we have taken a step closer to country life and created Fiskars Farmhouse Series, a collection of farmhouse style beers that varies from saisons, sour ales and biere garde to oak foeder fermented beers and even sahti.

Fiskarsin Panimo Fiskars Village Finland